Education IT

Education IT

The education website and mobile application solutions from ArSquare Dev. enable you to easily connect with the target audience, stand apart from the crowd with a digital brand, and unique that can impact people who want to study about our client institution through our services.

Innovative & User-friendly Design

The website is curated as per the education system and the client’s requirements. A single dashboard with multiple controls enables users to efficiently manage the tip and toe of the complete application.

SEO Friendly

The SEO-friendly options help to easily stand in front of the users searching for education requirements online. It also increases the visibility and exposure in the competitive education market.

Appealing Pictures

The institution's images, along with related videos of the service, are added to make the website attractive and allure customers to visit the page.

Course Description Options

The courses are described in a single dashboard page, which takes multiple directives based on user subject and guidance about those particular topics.

Extended Library

With the increased need for online classes, the extended library section allows the institution to conduct online courses through integrated third-party platforms such as Microsoft teams, zoom, and skype.

Student Activity Tracking

Monitor the student activities during the online class through the live tracker, mark attendance, conduct exams, mock tests, prepare for exams, and easily create a group for chat options.

Secured Sharing Options

A security protocol is applied to safeguard data from fraudsters. Moreover, the class notes, exam papers can be created; upcoming course schedules are stored and shared at certain time intervals.

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