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The Journey Beyond Maps: A Perfect Guide for Your Destination Holidays

The emergence of the modern era has introduced a novel and unique approach to showcase services and get clients on board. ArSquare Dev. is a platform where travel websites and mobile applications are tailor-made or implemented from the existing standard formats. Individual places are portrayed in mesmerizing graphical and 3D views, google map support integrations that reproduce the reflections of the visiting location, and depicting client offerings in a simple and fewer step. The development of both website and mobile applications in a given time with mesmerizing images and simplified client directives is the significant vision of solutions developed from the firm.

Multi-channel Access

Developing the application that supports the website, android, and iOS platform. Simple customer login and usage options, videos, and pictures that allure customers to book the package, and content management to cope with the competitive landscape will be added to the offered solution.

Leads Management

The centralized analytics tool enables clients to manage their leads, send a pre-built/customized invitation letter before anyone does, and convert it into a customer in a faster way.

Streamlined Itinerary Management

Reduce your reply time to customers with a fully integrated AI-driven platform. The inbuilt automated itinerary builder is quick and enables a simplified quotation process leading to auto-calculation.

Customer Management

Manage your customers' data and inputs at a single place, enable dynamic communication anytime or connect your team with customers through live chat, and maintain seamless communication during travel.

Client Follow-up

Easily monitor a list of clients, attend or contact based on the auto-generated priority list, set auto-mail timings so that delivered at that exact time, improve conversion prospects, and manage all communication logs in one place.

Payment Builder

Integrate with your payment gateway and reduce the burden of visiting client spots to collect cash or other complex payment modes. The auto-mode monitors the client records until payments or another financial status.

Dynamic Invoice

A standard and professional GST ready invoices are prepared with single click options, printable and digital versions. Individual payments are segregated as per the request, and the ticket is forward to the accounting process dynamically and quickly.

Simplify Operations

We facilitate in connecting with the suppliers related to that particular itinerary, manage transactions by adding into the frequently used list, chat with customers and service providers through a single window, and manage accounts.

Digital Marketing

Generate and convert your business by building a friendly relation with existing clients, allow them to engage with you by sharing automatic Birthdays, Anniversary and special occasion wishes, and you can promote with them by sharing flyers, discount coupons, or any special offers.

Performance Indicator

Monitor and control your entire resources' performance appropriately, with depth analysis reports that help to understand the current condition and reviews related to the non-conversion, digitally determine and prioritize your leads based on customer interests.

Building your own world with ArSquare Dev.!